You’re IN! I’m so excited that you’ve signed up for my upcoming challenge!

This 5 day challenge will truly help you get 2020 ready! SO many business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, are truly ready to step up and make 2020 like no other, and if that’s you…you’re in the right place.

Here’s how it works:
1. You’ve sign up for FREE already – well done!
2. Starting on Monday, January 27th you will receive an email from me with a video for the day and an exercises I’d like you to complete.
3. I’d like you to mark Thursday January 30th in your calendar as there is a BIG presentation that day that I encourage everyone to join. I’ll send you more details later but it’s a biggy so I don’t want you to miss it.
3. There is a private FB group to join, where I’ll be sharing the videos and where we can engage together as a group. You can join this private group here.
4. As with anything, in order to grow and learn and truly transform, you need to get step outside your comfort zone. I encourage you to watch this video and answer this question: “Are you truly ready to step up?”. I hope the answer is YES!

I would love you to share this challenge with all of your friends, as we know having accountability partners makes working towards goals much easier and gives you a much better chance of success! 
Just copy & paste them this link:

I’ll be in touch again very soon and can’t wait to get to know you better through the challenge.

This is me, Suzanne! You can read more about who I am here and also read about my journey from city-dwelling ad executive to country-living entrepreneur, coach & speaker.

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