7 simple habits challenge

I’m thrilled that you’ve signed up for the 7 Simple Habits Challenge. This challenge will guide you on a path to making some easy, simple changes to your life, to reconnect with what matters most. 

Things to remember while you’re doing this challenge:

1. You have to commit to making changes to your life and believe that these small changes will help.

2. You have to actually try the suggested activities. If you listen to my tip and think, that won’t work or that’s silly then maybe you’re not ready or willing to change. That’s ok. This challenge might not be for you. If you really want to make some positive changes to a hectic life, I promise you, these things work. You have to try them and keep trying them to make them a habit.

3.Try each new habit and repeat it each day. So Day 1, you’ll try the activity for Day 1. Day 2, you’ll do the activity from Day 1 and 2 so that by Day 7, you’re practicing all of the habits and working on them so they ‘stick’.

Miss any days? Catch up here…
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Day 5

If you’re also interested, you can engage with me in a few other places:

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I’ll be in touch again tomorrow and can’t wait to get to know you better through the challenge. Please reach out if you need me or have any questions! 

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