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A 600% return on this investment in my business

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A 600% return on this investment in my business

Are you good at investing in yourself? Do you recognize when you need support and where to find it?

As a coach myself, I often talk to people in my community and potential clients that are looking to invest in themselves. Some people are great at this and ready to go, while others need some time to recognize their need, which is absolutely normal.

What we need to consider though, is that there is a LEAP that has to be taken in order for us to invest in ourselves. We need to see this as a long – term thing and back ourselves for our future. 

To put things in perspective, over the last 18 months I’ve made a 600% (or more) return on the investments I did in myself and my business. This is through investments in coaching programs, masterminds, my coaching certification that I did for my life coaching last year, stocks and properties. Actually, you can’t get that anywhere out in the market. Absolutely not. So think about the kind of investment that you can get when you actually invest in yourself and your mind will be absolutely blown.

If there is one thing that stands in the way and stops us from achieving all that – it’s the fear, right?

We know that running and building a business is a rocky road. There are ups and downs. But guess what happens in the property market? Guess what happens in the stock market? It goes up, it goes down. That’s why you have to think of this investment in yourself as a long term one, and just really ride out the waves. 

Don’t get caught in the fear because when we do that we retreat as soon as it gets hard, and that won’t take us anywhere. You are worth the investment and there is no better way to see a return than to ride the highs and lows and just take that leap.

The reason why I want to continue to earn money and do more is to have more time and money freedom for myself, to be able to do more with my money, have more fun and be in more flow and I want to continue to work 15 hours a week. 

In the last 18 months I’ve invested significant amounts, I’m talking $33,500, in different programs to get to my 600% return and due to make $250,000 this year. 

Can you do the same or better? Absolutely! The difference between me and you potentially is that I have this one wavering belief that I know I could do this because I’ve done it once. I know if I was able to do it the first time I’m absolutely able to do it a second time around.

Remember: We are absolutely ordinary people that have created an extraordinary life for ourselves already. Just imagine what’s possible beyond that and go for it. 

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