, About me

Hi! I’m Suzanne!

I’m a passionate coach, speaker, writer and dream chaser who is on a mission to help others take control of their lives and learn how to have the courage to find your joy.  To learn how to find your passions and chase your dreams.

I’m a former advertising executive for 11 years, turned entrepreneur so I  understand where you are. I feel your beautiful energy trying to emerge but understand all too well the resistance, fear and lack of confidence in trusting what needs to come next. 

As a family, we threw busy & the hustle on its head when we moved to south-west France to follow a big dream, and what followed was life-changing.

Little did we know that when we packed up the contents of our house in Melbourne, Australia that our life would never be the same.

Since 2016, I have been learning, embracing and loving life by reigniting my passions and finding my joy again. 

People don’t find enough time for their passions and their joy and I believe that it’s time to reconnect with what matters most of all. To teach you to go from survival mode to putting dreams back on the table

I’ m teaching other how to align with what they desire most, by simplifying their lifes, home, schedules and careers through my digital course & my personal coaching. The transformations are real. The changes are soul-filling and long-lasting. 

I’m honoured to be working with women who truly want to make positive changes in their lives and who are ready for more of what fills the heart, mind & soul.  

, About me

My life credentials

France born
Canadian raised
Australian lived
France resident
English by marriage
Mum to 3 boys
Is there any wonder why I’m a world traveller & digital nomad?

I left Canada when I was 26 for a 2 month trip. I met the love of my life and returned to live in Australia for 18 years. My boys are Australian and we still own homes in/around Melbourne so will always call Australia home. My family are still in Canada so I get back semi-regularly and Rob’s family are in the UK so we live with passports in our back pockets.

I’m an idea junkie, love starting businesses and helping others build theirs. I also now make time for the things I love like cooking & baking, walking & hiking in nature, having long lunches with family & friends. These are my joyful activities that I make time for.

My husband and I are serial renovators, having completed 4 successfully in Australia and are about to undertake another one in France in 2019. You can see our last home in Home Beautiful here.

My professional credentials

As a sales professional, I worked my way up through an advertising agency for 11 years, finishing as Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand & Asia. I helped grow the business with personal responsibility of multi-million dollar revenues and worked on the management team through an acquisition process. I represented our business at a C-level, created and chaired a Women in Leadership group within the parent company (100+ companies), spoke at events & represented the company in PR opportunities.

Finding, growing and closing business has always been my game. As a resourceful and personal professional, I was told that I never appeared to ‘sell’ but guide my clients into making a choice. I was told I was the ‘best closer’ in the business as I was never afraid to ask for the order. My roll-up-the-sleeves mentality helped me enormously when I decided to go out on my own.

As an entrepreneur, I learned the steep curve of wearing many hats. I created logos, built websites, planned social media, developed marketing strategy, learned retail processes & systems and the true grit of what it took to run my own business. No task was too small or big. I loved being in control, working on the tools and the tools taught me enormous amounts of what it takes to make it work in tough competitive markets.

‘Doing’ across every area of my business gave me invaluable experience I now use to coach other female entrepreneurs. I have an excellent ability to step back and strategically plan for growth and steer people in the direction they need to go in.

Following our dream of moving to France required that I rethink my business and my career goals. Professionally & personally, I learned that there are ways of doing work more efficiently and being more productive in fewer hours. The belief that one needs to hustle, be constantly busy and work 60+ hours to achieve their goals, is a thing of the past.

As a constant dreamer and big thinker, I now blend 20+ years of entrepreneurial, corporate & life experience with the philosophy of doing less and the importance of finding our joys & passions as the ultimate way to unlock happiness & fulfillment. I now help other women find this balance personally and in their businesses & careers.

Through my courses and coaching, I positively influence women who are over the hustle and want to come back to their true hearts calling. I take you on a journey of paring back our complex lives to look at your priorities, joy & passions. Finding space in your cluttered homes, schedules & minds is the key to relearning what’s most important to you, and freeing up time to do what you love each week.