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Be a client magnet & grow your business in a soulful way!


Be a client magnet & grow your business in a soulful way!

Do you want to more clients? Want to grow your business faster but in a soulful way that sits well with you & your values? Becoming magnetic for your clients is not as hard as you think!

Attracting & converting clients is likely at the top of your to-do list but also at the top of your pain list!

I hear you & feel you – I know the feeling when it’s just not happening fast enough, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, are very unfocused and feel stuck.

You’ve tried all the things, courses, group programs, coaches – all of which contribute to your learning & journey, but are not magic pills.

When starting my coaching business from scratch, I had the experience, a lot of skills, belief in myself and a vision. What I did then was get super grounded with why, what and who I wanted to serve, then just kept showing up. Sounds simple? Well it is but we often overcomplicate things along the way.

The more I showed up as me, the more I attracted the types of clients I wanted. My soulmate clients who give me as much energy as I give them and who I get off the phone with and am buzzing!

So #1 tip: Be you

  • Use language you would use, not someone else’s
  • Share aspects of you that light you up, not how you think other people want you to show up
  • The more you show up as you, the more people will see themselves in you & make a connection
  • When you share part of you, it shows your community a vulnerability that as humans we all appreciate
  • You shift vibrationally & energetically because you are aligned and just wholly being you

#2 You can’t please everyone

  • Don’t worry about the masses and just focus on your target audience ONLY.
  • Get to know your ideal client avatar (ICA) REALLY well and then talk to her every day, in every video, every post or email.
  • Knowing your ICA really well will help your message resonate so it’s always helpful to revisit this, as I do with my clients, to make sure you’re using the right language that’s going to help you convert.

#3 Be grounded in strong foundations

Attracting and converting in a heart-centered way means you need to really understand your foundations – and are grounded in them. This includes undestanding your ICA, but also your core values & why you’re doing what you’re doing. These aspect are so often overlooked in the early stage of entrepreneurship and are key areas that many are missing when you just go out there and promote first.

I have a client Amelia, who is an interior designer. Before working together and working out her own ‘why’ she described her why as “helping design homes, pick colours & define a clients’ style’.

After doing the work to truly define why she did what she did, Amelia’s why was much more heart-centered, passionate and soulful. She now describes her why as “helping families see how their home impacts their wellbeing & helping translate that into their home environment”.

Since making this change, Amelia’s sales increased & her conversion rate is higher because when she communicates passion in her pitch to new clients, it’s was so infused with soul & love that people wanted that in their homes.

#4. Share your story

We all have a story. When you start sharing yours, it makes your business & journey relatable and helps your audience ‘listen up’ and helps you become magnetic. People want to work with people they resonate with and can FEEL. Tap into these feelings and think about how your client is feeling to make sure you weave in the right stories.

Some questions to ask yourself to help find some of your stories to tell:

  • What brought you here?
  • Have you come from corporate, another job, serial entrepreneur?
  • Have you had failures? Great!  

People want to hear this, and your story will resonate with others. Sharing your story is you showing up authentically as yourself.

In summary, you need to align your vision & goals around your journey. Once your foundations are set & aligned, then comes your brand, marketing strategy like channels   & content, then sales & how you will move your community through your funnel to get closer to you & truly get to know you. That’s where the sales are made.


  • It doesn’t happen overnight
  • Works best with a strategy or roadmap
  • Surround yourself with support, accountability
  • No copying – be YOU
  • Simplify & Repeat

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