Are you at a cross-roads in your business or life and need a guide to help you through? 
Are you spinning your wheels and need someone with laser-focus to help motivate you & give you momentum?
Are you lacking confidence and carrying around limited beliefs that are holding you back? 

For all of these reasons and so many more, 1:1 coaching is a perfect environment & solution to tackle these scenarios. I help you get super action and goal-oriented as we work through your personal situation, and help you truly create the life that you desire. 

My 1:1 programs are outlined as follows:

3 month program: Over 12 weeks, we work closely together to outline achievable and specific but also loftier ones that need strategy, execution and lots of momentum to achieve. This program is ideal for business and life coaching, and gives you maximum support and guidance and empowers you to reach outcomes that are hard to reach on your own. A minimum of 6 sessions are scheduled (usually every 2 weeks)
Price: $1,770 USD paid upfront ($295 each session) or $650 paid in 3 monthly instalments

6 month program: Over this 6 month program, we work intensively on establishing or re-establishing strong foundations so we can develop a strategic plan that is going to take you to the next level in your business. A hands-on program with an achievable timeline gives us lots of space to map out how to best execute all of your goals and dreams. A minimum of 12 sessions are scheduled (usually every 2 weeks)
Price: $2940 USD paid upfront ($245 each session) or $550 paid in 6 monthly instalments

Ad-hoc 1-off consultations or sessions $495 per session
Uplevel Lab course upgrade $495 USD

Like what you hear? Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me now. It’s FREE and will let both of us discuss our needs and see if we’re a fit. This isn’t a sales or coaching call and I ask that you don’t schedule a time if you are not 100% committed to working with a coach and to doing the work.

How we work together

  • All of my coaching sessions are done via video conference at a time that is mutually convenient.
  • They are 60 minutes in length and will require some preparation prior to each session, so that you get the most out of our time together.
  • I use Zoom to conduct all of my video calls and record our sessions for both of us to refer back to later.
  • In the 3 & 6 month package, I use Voxer to stay in touch with voice messages in between our calls.
  • I use Asana to provide you with a list of actions in between calls and to help you keep track of your goals we work on together.

Find out more about me, my background and my credentials here.