You’re getting there…the pieces are coming together to get you growing this year. Day 3 is exciting cause we’re going in for the conversion! I’ve included the links for Day 1 & 2 below, in case you’re playing catch up.

Day 3

Day 1 video can be watched here.
Day 2 video can be watched here.

Remember Day 4 is a longer format and I will email you the link tomorrow but as I recommend with all of my clients, if you want to make sure it’s a priority, schedule it in your diary.

Don’t forget:

1. You have to commit to watching each video! You signed up with the intention, as you know you need the help…now you need to do a little work. This can be the start of something big for you, but you have to follow through. I’ll be here to teach you, remind you and keep you accountable, but YOU need to do the work. Set yourself up for success and that starts in the mind – you can go watch this FB live about mindset if you think you need some reminding of how powerful it can be.

2. You have to do the activity if you want to see the benefits. I know we’re all busy, but each video is about 10 minutes, and the activity should take no more than 20 minutes. That’s 30 minutes each day that I encourage you to schedule into your diary. Setting intentions is one of the best ways to help you follow through. Go! Write it in now…

3.I’d love you to participate on the private Uplevel your Business Facebook page where I’ll be posting each day, so we can chat & discuss your actions.

I’ll be in touch again tomorrow and can’t wait to get to know you better through the challenge. Please reach out if you need me or have any questions!