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Listening to my heart & mind

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Listening to my heart & mind

It’s been a busy time over the past 10 weeks, since we closed the store and moved our classes into our new venue. I’ve very much slowed the pace personally and purposely have changed gears as we prepare our family for an adventure of a lifetime with a move to France.

I’ve sat and played quietly with Charlie more than I have in his entire life. We’ve had a chance to go to Messy Play! I’ve spent time writing, cooking, sorting, clearing & packing. And it feels really good. It’s funny how we motor along, often in overdrive, and feel fine until we stop. Have you ever found yourself getting sick when you’ve gone away for the weekend or on holiday? Well that’s our body telling us we were pushing too hard and we need to find time to relax and rest. And that is me, after over 15 years of pushing hard in executive jobs, running a business and a household.

I don’t do ‘sitting around’ or ‘not working’ very well. That’s why when I sat down with a friend and business mentor last October, to tell her about our plans to go to France, I cried and cried and cried some more. I knew what she was telling me was right, that I’d achieved so much (which I didn’t and still don’t really acknowledge), but my mind & body were telling me it was time to stop. Or at least slow down. I didn’t completely listen to my friend that day, who questioned my statements of ‘but I’ve worked so hard for this’ and ‘I don’t want to give it all up’, with sincerity and matter-of-factness. Many things still stick in my mind from that coffee, but the two things I repeat to myself are; ‘nobody is going to take all of your hard work away or make what you’ve done disappear, it will all be here when you come back” & “imagine what new opportunities you will think of and the creative space you will find’. I hang on her words and find comfort in knowing that she is right.

Despite her suggestion to ‘shut it all down’ and take a break, I pursued the option of keeping a bit of it alive. We moved our classes, found a new teacher, packed up, moved in and got into a new routine of promoting & marketing our now smaller business. Many of our customers followed us to our new space, some didn’t and that was anticipated. Now that I only have the classes to focus on, I looked closely at every aspect of the business and realised that for me to keep things going, while I’m away, I am going to need to compromise the time with my family & the adventure we’re going on.

And so I’m now listening to my heart & mind a bit better and they say, stop. Breath. Rest. Open my eyes to my kids, husband & surroundings. Habitots will continue along a new path and hopefully come back bigger and better on our return but for now, it’s coming to a pause. Not an end, because it will continue to exist and nobody can take away what we’ve built so far. So a pause it is. Our classes in South Melbourne will finish up on June 30th and our adventure will continue in the digital space, which I hope you will follow along. We will also be participating in events at various locations around Melbourne, where you can visit us each month (usually for free!).

I trust that as parents, carers, sisters and friends that you understand and as you’ve always done, support me in my decision.

Lots of love and a bientôt,
Suzanne x

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