Beautiful baby products in a retail store

Retail success with a product based business


Are you a product-based business and have put all your heart & soul into creating a beautiful brand? Are you now ready to start wholesaling your product or want to have more success with retailers? We can help. I ran a retail store and met brand owners every day, who were selling their wares and trying so hard to get ranged into retail stores. Some of them had success, many did not. We’re working with product-based brands to help them across a range of areas, some included in our Retailer section, others specific only to product businesses:

Beautiful retail store Habitots

It can be boring but it can save you thousands of dollars. The more you research before you create your product or before you approach retailers, the better. We can step you through the process to give you the greatest chance of getting a YES from retailers.

Buyers & Store Owners – how to sell to them
Do you know what retailers want before approaching them? What collateral they like to receive? What emails they open & respond to? What to send them? How to have the best success selling to them? We have LOTS of strategies to help you through this process and make it more successful every time you make a new contact.

To Trade-show or not to Trade-show?
Some products and brands are ready for small or big trade-shows, while other brands will find that it’s a waste of money. We’ve worked with many brands that have had success with trade-shows and can help make sure that your next trade show is an absolute success. Our Trade-show Camp breaks down the whole process from pre-show prep, exhibiting success to land orders and follow-up post-show, where the magic can happen.

Think like a retailer for repeat orders
There are so many things to think about when dealing with the retail market and ensuring your product is a success in-store is more than just getting your first order. We have insight and analysis on sell-through, understand ‘turn’ in the retail environment, must-haves for branding & packaging, point-of-sale considerations, ease of product purchase for customers and planning for the second or third order.

Helping product businesses wholesale their product

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