We live and die by the sales in our businesses. If you can’t ask for the order, you’re dead. What does that mean? Well, you have to learn how to find your customers but once you find them, you have to be able to sell them something. That means asking them to buy, converting, selling, cha-ching! We think we’re pretty darn good at selling but know that there are lots of ways in building your tribe, your community, your customers before you have a chance to sell to them. We understand retail, we understand selling and some of the best tools to fast track your business to getting more sales.

Here are some of the areas where we can help:

Retailer Services with retail collectiveEmail
Building a customer database & strategies to build your #1 best converting group of customers

In-store traffic drivers
We develop promotional strategies to drive customers into your store, activations to excite customers and events to make your business relevant and on-trend. These traffic drivers are closely linked to your digital/email/social strategy.

Directories & Bloggers
There are TONS of directories and bloggers who need to know about you & your store. They are often looking for stores to write about, include in their business & shopping directories and we have a strategy to get your store in front of lots of these eyes, quickly.

Word of mouth & online reviews
Did you know that word of mouth advertising is more effective than TV advertising (and you don’t need a $1M budget for it!?!). We know where the reviews count and roll out programs to amp up your positive word of mouth, your reviews on Google, Facebook and on your own website.

Online growth
Most retail stores have an online store these days and online can amount to the majority of your sales, if you execute it properly. We can help develop and execute your content strategy including your blog, social media and emails or help guide you to do it all yourself.

Conversion academy
Sound fancy? It’s not. It’s learning how to convert your customers more effectively online, in a store or at a market. We have a range of tools that work across these channels to make sure that once you find your customers, you’re converting them. At first it might be a like, follow, sign-up or business card but that’s one step closer towards a purchase. We’ll make sure we’re taking your customers from like to purchase, more often than not!

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