Be quick, 20 spots available and the booking deadline is May 28th

Life is hectic, moving fast & at times stressful. Simply Living will help you find more time, energy & space to do the things that matter most in your life. It can change your life for the better.

Hi I’m Suzanne and I’m helping women reduce the chaos & stress with an intentional, simplified way of living. 
I believe in dreaming BIG but not sacrificing what matters most. 
Are you ready to start getting the most out of life?
I’m here to help when mum, wife or business life gets hard to teach, coach & support you on your journey back to living your best life. 

Starts 28th May, limited to 20 women only

Is this you?

Simply Living can help

A supportive program

A program that can change your life. Learn how to find time, energy and the
know-how to live more simply,
with intention and live your best life now

Online Learning

1:1 Coaching



Working together -How does it work?-

Online course

Sign up and get immediate access to the 4 modules. Each module will take you 1-2 hours to complete so you can work through it at your own pace.
All of the course is also available as an audio file so you can listen on the go.

1:1 coaching

Book your 1:1 coaching calls when you're ready. You will be coached by me (Suzanne!) and each call will last approx 1 hour.

Support & accountability

Join the discussions in our private Facebook group, join ongoing challenges, download all of the resources, video or audio files and continue to improve your life for years to come.

Learn more about the 4-part system here that will help you find more calm, less chaos and more time doing the things you love to do.

Module 1: Your Story

In module 1 of the course, we will take a close look at your own story, where you are now and where you want to be when it comes to simplifying your life.

Understanding better why you want to simplify will help you find the tools & information that best suits you & your family situation. This section is very important to set the foundation for your future Simplified self.

I will take you through the Personal Priority Ladder (PPL) to help you gain a better understanding of the priorities in your life, important people and easier path to making a difference in your life.

Module 2: Your Home

In module 2 of the course, we will take a deep-dive into your home and start to declutter from top to bottom! Many people need to learn how to do this, because we haven’t been programmed to live this way. It’s ok, I’ll teach you how.

Toys, closets, linen cupboards, kitchen cupboards. Did know that you don’t need 12 mugs and 20 plates for a family of 4?

If you’ve started to declutter then great! We will work on lots of new areas and I’ll help you really get to the bottom of those pesky trouble areas & sentimental items.

When we start to declutter, your physical and emotional stress starts to come down and you take control over your spaces again.

Module 3: Your Time

After you’ve worked on the physical clutter in your life, we need to start better organising your life & your time. Getting organised isn’t just about buying nice new containers for your pantry. It’s much more than that! Organising your family & home so it runs more smoothly, is the key to reducing the overwhelm for you.

Who, how & what you spend your time on is critical in assessing how we make better use of it. Taking a look at your PPL from module 1 will help us do this more effectively.

We will work on all areas of your personal, work & home life to help you reduce the stress & overwhelm and make you real space for living.

Module 4: Your Life

The last of the 4-part system is about creating more abundance in your life and taking that time you’ve freed up, to practice joyful activities.

We will create new rituals, routines and habits which are at the root of your new calm. Shifting mental barriers and really get you living with less – not just saying so, is key to making a real difference in your life.

I’ve developed a unique section for this module, that helps you explore your dreams further. This could be a business dream, a family dream, a hobby you want to take up. I’ve been a serial leap taker and know what courage it takes to make these big changes and want to help others do it too.

Starts 28th May, limited to 20 women only

I’m Suzanne, the founder and creator of Simply Living. I lived a hectic, overwhelming and cluttered life less than 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked hard to slow life down, simplify and am spending more time doing the things I truly love.

I’m so thrilled to launch my Simply Living course to help others, like you, reduce your stress, overwhelm and take simple steps to make real change in your life.

I can’t wait to work with you and help guide you in this transformative journey. 

What other's have to say

I have loved taking Suzanne's course over the past couple of months, and it's really changed my life. I had a lot of mindset changing to do that I didn't even realise! I particularly loved the module about my schedule and time, and now protect and plan my time very differently. The coaching was instrumental in helping me tackle some tough areas where I struggled to change - in particular my house. I'm on a journey now to keeping my house decluttered and think about my living spaces very differently too. I can't thank Suzanne enough for her kind way of teaching and intuitive coaching. It's been life changing!
Thank you, thank you for creating this is just what I needed! I knew all the reasons why I should simplify, I just didn't know how. Suzanne steps you through an easy to follow outline of simplifying your home, mind & schedule and I really LOVE my home now that the junk is gone. It's amazing how my kids didn't even notice when half their toys were gone and I'm amazed at how they play better with less stuff. The coaching was great for me, as I'd wanted to get a life coach who understood mum life & also the juggle of having your own business. Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge in a lot of different business and personal areas so is now carrying on my coaching as well which is something I didn't anticipate finding through this course.
Lisa M
Since the arrival of my second child, I'd been feeling pretty overwhelmed with life in general. I am self-employed, working 2 days a week, and also run a busy Airbnb (like I need the extra laundry!). I just always felt like I was treading water, putting out fires as they popped up and never quite getting on top of everything. The idea of simplifying things was very attractive, to say the least. Suzanne's course gave me a framework to review my commitments and responsibilities, and the permission I felt like I needed to give myself a break. Working through the modules, I began to identify the main sources of my overwhelm and put into action some strategies for minimising and managing those feelings. Some of these were great reminders of things I knew I should be doing already (e.g. meal plans), while others were clever little ideas that over time really do help to make our everyday life a little easier. It's so easy to get lost in the daily mass of tasks that need completing, that we don't often stand back and ask ourselves why we do things the way we do. Taking time out a couple of evenings a week to reflect on my own habits has been really eye-opening. My biggest realisation is that I'm still in control of my time, even when it feels like I'm being sucked into the vortex of motherhood. I had forgotten to prioritise myself and consider what I need in order to function properly, and this course was a gentle yet firm reminder. I've also accepted that simplifying is an ongoing process, and won't be achieved in just a few weeks. I've still got a lot of work to do, but I feel much better equipped to cope with my day-to-day. I'm also looking forward to working on some of the big, exciting life plans I'd put to the side! Thank you, Suzanne, for putting together this great resource and for your genuine interest in helping others enjoy a simpler life.
Kate D


When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on May 28th and will last approximately 6 weeks. You will have access to all of the modules straight away, so you can work through them at your own pace. 
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Who is the Simply Living course designed for?
The Simply Living course has been designed for busy women & mums, working or not. Using my experience as a busy career mum, then entrepreneur, I’ve designed this specifically for mums who still want to dream big in careers and for their families, yet want to find more calm among the chaos.
How much time do I need to allocate a week?
This is up to you, but as with anything, you do need to commit and dedicate both your mind and a little time each week to watch the videos & also think about how to put some of the ideas into place. I would recommend setting 1 x 1 hour session to listen then 1 x 1 hour session on your own to start to implement.
How do the coaching calls work?
The 1:1 coaching calls will be a way to connect further with me (Suzanne!) and allow us to discuss the modules you have completed and troubleshoot areas of your life that you’re finding difficult to simplify. Your life is unique so whilst the online content is the same for everyone, how you apply can be very different. You will have 2 coaching calls that we will schedule at the beginning of the course, that need to place within 4 months of your start date, but should realistically take place in the first 2-8 weeks. 

What is the Facebook Group about?
The Facebook group is an added bonus to the course where we will discuss together the various areas of the course, and you can connect with other women doing it as well. I will pop into the FB group weekly to answer questions, provide feedback, and encourage you on your journey through Simply Living.