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The top 3 things that have improved my mental & physical health

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The top 3 things that have improved my mental & physical health

It’s a bit ironic that as I write this blog, I’m at the tail-end of a nasty cold. However, I cannot remember when I last had a lurgy, so that is a testament to generally having a healthy body & mind. That hasn’t always been the case though.

I’ve always had healthy eating habits and a healthy balance – the ol’ 80:20 rule we all know about. I love to eat, and love a glass of wine, a dessert at the end of the meal…I’m happy to treat myself on occasion. That’s because, for 80% of the time, I’m the queen of big beautiful veggie-filled salads and overall healthiness because it makes me feel really good.

What I’ve discovered over the past year or so, is that there is much more to good physical & mental health than just eating well and keeping fit. What I’ve found on my journey of simplifying and slowing down, is that as you start to open your eyes and ears to new things, you start to learn ways of enhancing your mind & body through everyday practices & rituals. My pragmatic self of the past wouldn’t have let many of the things I now practice into my life. The rushed ‘old’ me wouldn’t have made time to learn about them. And the results are amazing. I’m going to share a few of the things I now do & practice that my old self never would have even contemplated.

Essential Oils: After reconnecting with a beautiful friend Maggie from university on Instagram (yes, it can be a positive place!), I realised how much more we had in common than either of us previously knew. Maggie introduced me to Doterra Essential Oils, and after almost 1 year of using them, I’m a convert. I use them for physical and mental health everyday. When I’m feeling anxious, I reach for the little brown bottle. When my immune system needs a boost, I reach for the little brown bottle. I rubbed healing oils on my boys’ feet after our big accident last year. I rubbed it on their tummies & backs through winter to keep bugs at bay and their emotions in check. I diffuse them in my workspace for focus and clarity.

There is science & data to back it all up – but that’s not what I’m here to tell you. I’m here to share with you how they’ve impacted me, how I use them and to encourage you to think of doing the same….because they work and are a beautiful addition to any person’s daily regime. Maggie will tell you all the reasons why Doterra is best (which I agree with!) so don’t just run out and buy the cheapy stuff…you won’t get the healing and feeling you deserve.

Meditation: I’m sure many of you have tried meditation and said “Nah, I can’t do this” and given it up before the first breath. Well, I was the same. “I’m hopeless at meditating, I get itchy, I can’t sit still, I can’t make my mind stop”. I’m no shaman or guru but I’m on the path to being a better meditator. The only way? Practice. Stay consistent. Just do it.

After reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I set about re-establishing my morning routine and meditating before my household and even the sun was up. I’ve discovered greater clarity, more calm, less chatter that can last through the day. It can be hard and there are some days when the thoughts are incessant. But if you stick at it, it gets easier and you get better at it, and you start to reap the benefits.

I highly recommend using an app like Headspace or Smiling Mind to use the 10 minute guided meditations. Headspace are even given priority ‘notification’ access on my phone as they send me beautiful reminders & messages through the day. Those are the notifications I love.

Following my cycles & the moon:   Stay with me here! I know this might sound a bit out there or woo woo but stick with me. There are books and experts galore who talk about this topic but a woman by the name of Kate Northrup who wrote Do Less, spoke to me the most clearly.

I’m sure many of you would agree with how a full moon can have an effect on us or our kids. We often talk about how the kids wake or are extra energetic during a full moon. So the idea isn’t foreign to you. The concept for the rest of the moons is the same. There are 4 distinct types of moons that affect our bodies & minds and if we are more in tune with them, we can start working with them instead of against them. That’s easy enough right? For example, there is a new moon right now as I’m writing this so this week, my work is focusing on inward-types of activities. Writing, reviewing results, setting intentions/planning for the month and rest. This doesn’t have to be for 100% of your time but if you think about it, track it and try to plan a few activities in this way, you will see that you flow better, you’re not going against the grain or coming up against as many obstacles as usual.

Similarly, Kate talks at length about how the same premise applies to women’s monthly cycle, which work in parallel to the cycles of the moon. Working ‘with’ your cycle produces greater results, more efficiency, more synergy and better alignment. You feel better inside & out and watch as your heart & mind open to new opportunities. You can catch Kate on many podcasts (two I’ve listened to are her interview with Amy Porterfield and also Jenna Kutcher as a start, or grab the book on Amazon and be blown away like I was).

So there are my top 3 new habits & rituals that I truly feel have made me calmer, have opened my eyes to see things better, that have really slowed my mind down to smell the smells and hear the birds in my garden more clearly. When the sun sets through our kitchen window, I see and appreciate the light in a way I didn’t use to. This to me is the start of the truly life-changing impact that simplifying has had on me & my family. The clutter, the space, the time, the energy were just the start and now what lies ahead may just be in the hands of something more spiritual and bigger than me.

Want to learn more about my journey to simplifying and leaving behind a busy life & career to follow an even bigger dream? Find out about my journey here.

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