Are you ready to Uplevel your business & amplify your growth?!

Does this sound like you?

You’re frustrated by the slow growth of your business.

You need help with your confidence, mindset & doubt and need help
turning up the volume!

You feel overwhelmed each day because you have no strategic plan or roadmap for the next 12 months.  

You have gaps of knowledge to learn about how to market & sell yourself.

You feel lonely in business and want someone to help push, challenge & motivate you.

You aren’t supported by like-minded entrepreneurs who can cheer you along, keep you accountable & to help you reach for more. 

You’re just surviving each day, not thriving and having
fun running your business!

the uplevel lab and I can help you.

The Uplevel Lab is a Mastermind program that combines all of the best resources, techniques & proven methods to grow a profitable business, in a supportive space for women to accelerate their business growth & impact, and help them transform the way they show up in business! 

Here's what
The Uplevel Lab Growth Framework
is all about!

Pillar 1 - Your Why & core values

I’m going to step you through really understanding WHY you do what you do, so this can shine through authentically in everything you do. 
Defining your core values will help you build & grow a heart-centered business, that your ideal client will want to buy from.


Pillar 2. Your Ideal Client

Until you define who you’re speaking to, nobody is going to listen! Getting really clear on who your audiences are, helps you speak super clearly to them and your message will be music to their ears. 

It’s amazing how many businesses don’t really know their ideal clients – but when you do, it’s transformative!


Pillar 3 - Nailing your brand

There is so much more to branding than colours & fonts! Nailing the 6 key areas of branding is essential for any successful business to attract & retain clients. 

I’m going to take you through the 6 key areas step by step so you can implement easy ways to deliver an amazing customer experience!

Pillar 4 - Sales & Marketing

This meaty section will cover a lot of ground and teach you about online & offline marketing, including a focus on local marketing. 

Dubbed a “sales queen” myself, I will teach you about how to sell authentically so selling doesn’t feel sleazy, and weave it naturally through all of your content marketing.


Pillar 5 - Strategic Planning time!

You’ve been building up to this point! It’s strategic planning time and this is the most important pillar of the framework. So many business run with no plan at all, so when we map out your next 12 months, you will get so much clarity and momentum, I guarantee it will be life-changing! 
I’ll make goals & targeting easy, financial analysis a breeze and you’ll be working towards those targets in no time. 


Pillar 6 - Scaling & resourcing

There comes a time when it’s time to think about truly scaling your business beyond where it’s at now. The key to scaling is doing so efficiently and without it costing you an arm & a leg! 

If you’re ready to scale, we’ll cover how to and get your resourced-up in no time. 


Pillar 7 - Digital Mastery

This fast-moving industry of digital technology is tough to stay on top of! This pillar talks about the most effective ways to use the digital medium to your advantage as a small business, without it costing too much. 

This section will also be updated regularly, as new technologies come along so you’re lifetime access is super valuable.

Pillar 8 - Systems & automation

I’m a big fan of working smarter, not harder. The key to this is in your systems and automation! 

From sales leads to customer relations, systems will help you attract your ideal clients and then retain them by delivering top notch customer services. 

Since running a lean company is also super important, automation becomes even more important!


  • 2 x 1:1 hands-on coaching calls with Suzanne for in-depth strategic discussion & ‘doing’ session for your business 
    Value $990
  • Lifetime access to the Uplevel Lab course with 8 modules using the Uplevel Lab Growth Framework
    Value $1250
  • Group coaching calls every 2 weeks with the Mastermind group and led by Suzanne
    Value $2,500
  • 4 expert masterclasses with other coaches, business owners & expert leaders across a range of topic areas to Uplevel you with other experts
    Value $1000
  • Daily community support in a private Facebook group
    Value priceless!
  • Priority & ‘member’ access to Suzanne for additional coaching sessions at a discounted rate
    Value priceless!

Total Uplevel Lab value $5,740 USD
Total Uplevel Lab investment $1,995 USD

Payment plan $598 x 4 monthly payments

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My story behind working with a coach & creating The Uplevel Lab

Your coach, Suzanne

I help female entrepreneurs amplify their business growth through my coaching & coaching programs. I help you build confidence & momentum with my Uplevel Lab Growth Framework, that gives you enormous clarity, momentum & helps you fast-track your business growth. 

More about me…

I’m a passionate coach, speaker, writer and dream chaser who is on a mission to help empower women to grow their businesses so they can make more impact on their own lives. 

Using my 20+ years as an executive & entrepreneur, I’ve developed a teaching framework that I know works for early-stage entrepreneurs called the Uplevel Lab Growth Framework. This framework helps you get aligned with key foundational building blocks, many which people skip over but are essential to grow a business. Once the foundations are set, it’s time for growth and building out a strategic plan, zeroing in on your superpowers and turning up the volume on your business and your confidence! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Uplevel Lab start and finish?
The next Uplevel Lab starts again in July 2020 and finishes at the end of October 2020. 

Do I need to take the course at the same time as others? 
How you go through the course is up to you and is totally self-paced. I encourage you to try to consume 1 module every 2 weeks but this pace is totally up to you. You will have access to the course for life. 

Who else will be in the Mastermind? 
The mastermind is made up of early-stage entrepreneurs, so are usually within 0-5 years of starting their business. 

How is this different to other programs?
The Uplevel Lab was created with everything I wanted as an entrepreneur. Many masterminds don’t have the level of 1:1 coaching (or any for that matter)  or daily contact with a coach, combined with a proven method & course to teach you how to accelerate the growth of your business. The Uplevel Lab is truly unique in this way. 

I’m juggling a job and a side-hustle, is this for me?There is no better time to get the support, boost your confidence and gain momentum in your side-hustle than now! For many, leaving full-time jobs behind is the goal and this is one fast-track way to do it! 

What is the support like? 
One of the major benefits to working with me inside the Uplevel Lab is the support I provide in coaching calls and also in between. Using a voice-messaging application (Voxer), I keep in touch, keep you accountable and push you along when you need it most. The Facebook group also links you up with your soul-sisters to provide cheerleading, accountability and support like no other!

What happens if I can’t attend the group coaching calls or I miss an expert Masterclass?
All calls and classes are recorded for future, and you can catch the replay anytime afterwards.