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Top 5 ways to STOP mental overload of mum & work life

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Top 5 ways to STOP mental overload of mum & work life

I’ve been talking a lot lately about reducing the overload on your mind, body, schedule and in your home. I’m teaching a wonderful group of women about how to do this in my course, but I know many people struggle even contemplating doing something about the overwhelm, because they’re already at their mental capacity.

“I couldn’t possibly take on another course or thing, I can’t even get organised for dinner tonight!”. Is this you? You nod and agree with some of the things I write, would love to slow the treadmill, savour your kids while their young, spend more time with your husband, pursue a hobby, go for a nice walk, cook a slow meal with friends. The list goes on. But you’re at capacity and will ‘just get through this ‘busy’ time because it will be better next month.

Well I’m here to call your bluff. The reality is, life is complicated. The juggle is real. Real life things are not going to go away. You will have more on your plate, new work challenges, your toddler may stop waking but start a nice new habit you’ll stress about. This is life and it can be hard.

When you run ‘at capacity’ though, you make it even harder on yourself. Your stress runs high and you snap at the kids. You come home exhausted and throw something together for dinner and collapse on the couch. You pack your bags for your early morning work trip, count the minutes until the kids go to bed and go to bed to ‘catch up on social media’. Does this sound familiar? Does it also sound like you’re being your best self or are prioritising the most important people in your life, just to get through today, tomorrow, this week?

I understand. I was there and I use to do just that. And I want to help you realise that there is another way and help you take some simple steps to learn how to change these not-so-productive or best-life ways. And the truth? It’s not actually that hard, but it takes some commitment and consistency. I talked all about it in my FB live, below, and summarised the points for you here.

1. Fill your own cup before it’s empty. Do small things through the day that as women, produce estrogen which we need. Like using essential oils, lighting a nice candle, smelly soap or lotion. We like these activities as women because they balance, nurture and are needed to counter the testosterone we often have too much of.

2. Wake up 10-15 before everyone else. Have a lemon water, coffee, breath for 5 minutes. Stretch. Write in your gratitude journal.

3. In a busy week, schedule in 2 x 30 minute sessions just for you. Do something you love (bake, read, walk), go for a massage, call a friend. This needs to be in your schedule or it won’t happen.

4. Take 5 mintues before racing into the house after work or changing from work to home if you work from home. Shift gears, destress, breath. Have a shower which neutralised stress before intentionally setting about your evening with your family & kids.

5. Set 2-3 alarms in the day to remind yourself of your values, to breath, smile, drop your shoulders.

All of these small actions accumulate through the day, form habits and become part of your life. I now feel better equipped to find my ‘circuit breakers’ when I’m feeling stressed but am also much more proactive so that I don’t get too far down the rabbit hole and I can get out of my head much more quickly because of these intentional actions through the day.

I know you can do it. You can reduce the overload, be more intentional with your decisions and make the changes.

If you want to get started making these kinds of changes across your whole life, you can download my FREE Simplicity Starter Kit. You have nothing to lose and so so much to gain.

Simplicity Starter Kit

You got this and I can’t wait for you to start feeling this deep down because I can tell you, it feels good.

To learn more about Suzanne & Habitots you can have a read here.

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