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Ways to find time in your day

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Ways to find time in your day

I’ve been working with the most gorgeous group of women in the Simply Living course, who like most of us, struggle to find time. That might be time for themselves, time to spend with their kids, time to work on that business idea or organise the dream trip they’ve been talking about with their husbands.

However, these women are taking action to finding more time in their lives, which starts with simplifying. I’m so excited to be helping them find space in their lives, their homes and in their minds to start living the life they truly want. Life is complicated but it’s up to us to find ways of making it less so, and not letting it pass us by.

Each week, I take to Facebook and do a LIVE so I can engage with my community (which you can join here!) who also want to live a less complicated life. Last week, I spoke about time – the mother of all catch-22’s – the thing we need more of to find more of to make more of…oh it just keeps going round.

There are gaps of time though, in our day, when we can better use our time and not waste it away with habits we’ve developed over the years. There are important things in our lives that need to be scheduled in. That even includes, well, doing nothing. Downtime. Have a listen to some of the tips I have for making best use of our time and a few new things I’m trying too.

Many of the most productive thought leaders in the space of personal development, talk about the need to schedule time in for almost everything. That’s not to say you need to live a rigid life, with no room for spontaneity or off the cuff catch ups. In fact, the need to schedule time in, starts to create excellent habits towards using your day more productively, which in turn starts to become part of your life and way of living.

Want to learn more about simplifying your life? I’ve just developed a handy Simplifying Starter Kit that you can access here or through the link below. Get started making simple changes to your own life and stop running on the treadmill!

Simplicity Starter Kit

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