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What I learned in closing a BIG chapter

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What I learned in closing a BIG chapter

As you tune into your self more carefully, you start to build your intuitive muscle, and mine has been telling me that I had some blocks that were keeping me from really stepping into my voice & truth.

As ‘chance’ would have it, I met Jen through my mastermind, and after speaking to her one day, I longed to have her help me uncover these blocks and tap into my energy more deeply. ✨

You see, I closed my store 2.5 years ago, following a deeper and bigger ‘why’ that involved my whole family. We were following a calling to reconnect with mattered most to us, slow our pace, find our purpose and just be together more. We decided to do this all by moving to France and following our adventurous spirits and the wonder of what it would mean for our family.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve rediscovered what it means to me to be a mother and wife. I’ve slowly worked on me, uncovering my longing to connect with other women, make an impact in their lives and help them find ways to also reconnect with what matters most. Through my discovery of life & business coaching I’m doing all of this, and adore it.

What Jen was able to help me discover, was that my store that had an energy others described as beautiful, powerful & magical, was in fact because of me. Yes, I could not have created my programs, run my store and grown it without my beautiful team of teachers and staff, that I also know and am forever grateful.

However what I was able to embed into that business was an energy others felt, and articulated. I brought into my store a creativity, a connection between women, a vibrancy, a community, a colourful and sacred space that meant something to so many people. Including myself.

For so long I thought this energy was in the building, the old Victorian terrace building I renovated and fit-out meticulously.

When I closed my eyes in my session with Jen, and tears flowed, images of my store emerged and excitement also began to boil inside my heart.

What I had created and birthed that first time, and grieved so much, was being created again. The work I’m now doing with my coaching is bringing me together and is connecting me with other women, is allowing me to guide them, to give them the tools to build their own dreams & businesses & lives.

What I’m creating is once again is something magical, with an energy of its own.

It’s taking the shape of a new sacred space to house this creativity, energy, connection, learning, support & guidance I long to deliver. I’m welcoming women into this space to step up into their lives & businesses more, fully supported so they are thriving and not just surviving.

The collective of women I’m gathering, through my new Uplevel Lab is something special, magical and authentic. Now that my work is deeply connected to my purpose & why, the energy I feel is tangible and palpable.

Thank you Jen Mons for opening your space up to help me dig deep for these insights, and helping me release what I need to into the world.

My heart beats with such excitement for this new chapter and for the magic that we’re about to create.

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