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Why less is more in your personal & business life


Why less is more in your personal & business life

We’ve all heard the statistic of the 80:20 rule. You should focus on the 20% of your business cause it’s where 80% of your revenue comes from. The principle behind this is the same whether you’re talking about business or personal life.

If you are more focused, try to do fewer things, stretch yourself less, become an expert in one area, stick to your niche, you are more productive and will be more successful in life. It’s proven, and talked about by productivity experts the world over.

From a personal level, it’s no different. When you simplify, focus on less and live with less, your personal happiness and fulfillment actually goes up. I teach women to do exactly this and I work hard to re-program so many to stop the overwhelm, get rid of the ‘busy-syndrome’ and start to focus on what really matters.

I spoke about it this week, in my Facebook & Instagram LIVE. I’ve been inspired by some of the language used by Gary Keller in the book, The One Thing, who as a New York Times Best-selling author, talks at length of the virtues of focusing on just one thing. I highly recommend his book and have been listening to his audio book again and again!

I’m really enjoying stepping my community through how to simplify to become more productive at home & in life, to learn how to live more in the present (this takes learning cause we’ve been doing the opposite for so long), to take a step back and prioritise people and activities they want to do, and to learn how to plan BIG for the future. My head nodded throughout Gary Keller’s book as it reaffirms so much of what I’m talking about and write about. And what I believe.

You can have a listen to my video on focusing on less and why it’s actually more in life here:

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